Thursday 22 December 2011

:: living the fridge magnet dream, oh yes ::

I wanted to squeeze one more itty-bitty bit of sewing in before I packed up the Bernina for its Christmas holiday/annual service.

What better project then, than Nova's very sweet 'itty bitty quilt block magnets' in Rashida's fabulous 'Zakka Style' book?

{{kickin' back, living the fridge magnet dream}}

I should quickly say, that I'm yet to finish the magnets - Nova's pattern is way better than the above pic would suggest - I'm just delaying the trip to the shops to buy a magnet-sheet until after the Christmas shoppers have all gone home - but I was loving these cute tiny blocks so much, that I couldn't wait that long to post the pics.   I should also quickly say - Nova has created SIX blocks for 'Zakka Style' - but I only made the nine-patch (twice) and the pin-wheel ... time was not on my side for any more tiny fun today.

I LOVED making these tiny blocks - fussy cutting the 1-inch squares for the nine-patches was very fun, particularly for the Happy Zombie Holiday Happy Santas - come on, how cute are they!:
{{here's the story, of a lovely Santa ... }}

As you can see, if you look closely, Nova's own itty-bitty quilt blocks are waaahaaaay better than mine - they use gorgeous linen and blue prints and even have sweet hand-quilted stitches:

Just so you can see just how itty bitty the blocks are, I took pics up against rulers - oh yes, in inches AND in centimetres, 'cos I'm thoughtful like that:

There will definitely be many more itty bitty quilt block magnets being sewn in the new year, when the Bernina returns, all rested and refreshed ((my husband cannot WAIT ... he is not a fan of the fridge magnet, but I will win him over with these)).

Three days and counting, jingle bells and Holiday Happy to everyone!    xoxo cat

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