Thursday 8 December 2011

:: happy days are here ::

Oh how I love the school holidays.  Here are my top five reasons why: -

1. our kids are home!.
2. no school lunches for six weeks.
3. no frenzied scarpering around the house looking for school hats each morning.
4. no homework.
5. no rushing out of the house at the same time every morning.

My kids had super-fantastic teachers this year, we really hit the jackpot of teacherdom.  To say thank you, I made them each a little quilt.

Here is Miss B's, made from most of a Kate Spain Terrain layer cake, with Ikea sheeting for the back (I love those birds):

And here is Mrs D's, made from most of an American Jane Punctuation layer cake, with the same sweet bird Ikea sheeting for the back.  Vee and I both have kids in Mrs D's class, so Vee made a matching cushion:

I love the binding, all rolled up and ready!

isn't the cushion gorgeous?

We'll miss our gorgeous teachers - so that's the big sad part about the end of a school year. 

Vee hosted a fabulous lunch at her place today - champagne, delicious food, and lots of lovely chat with friends. It was a really nice way to end the year.  We even swapped little Secret Santa pressies - I do love a Secret Santa.  

As for tomorrow - after a slow start to the day, that will not involve making any white-bread-vegemite-sandwiches - it'll be on to kids' movies, playdates, a bit of sewing, and hanging out at home.  And some panic-pressie-buying.  

Happy holidays     xoxo cat

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