Tuesday 20 December 2011

:: is it a doily? is it a placemat? is it a tablerunner? ::

So I've finished the festive Christmas placemats - one each, with just FIVE days to go til Santa arrives.   They're kind of big - in a table-runner / three-course meal kind of way, but hey, it's Christmas sewing, I'm not giving them away, and they are finished!:

My very favourite Christmas fabrics are all there - Happy Zombie Santas, Laurie Wisbrun donkeys and gumboots, and Alexander Henry owls:

I haven't measured them, but you could seriously fit a soup bowl, dinner plate and definitely at least a wine-glass (or cup of milk) all in a row and still have room for a smidge of dessert.

Don't they make a fancy backdop for this fabulous book which landed on the front doorstep today?  
I saw it on Nova's blog, and had to nip across to Fishpond to buy it straight away - I've had a quick flick through with a cup of tea, and it looks really great - lots of fun projects - can't wait to try a few.

And oh, can I spy a placemat beneath the nativity scene, making the ground a little more comfy for the sleepy sheep and cows?

Last pic - a wide shot of the placemats on the grass - let me just say that Teddy got NO closer than that - there was a lot of shoo-ing noises being made:

Happy five-days-and-counting .....       xoxo cat

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