Sunday 11 December 2011

:: deck the halls ::

A quickie post, to go with Vee's 'quickie' theme from earlier today.  How gorgeous is her new cushion! - I love that Echino fabric.  Scroll down if you missed it.

Here are some quick pics of some of the decs going up around the house - I'm thinking I'll be finished decorating just in time to take them all down again:

I know. The bird, rabbit and owl don't scream "Christmas". They're cute though.

focus on the bunting, not the rabbit {another rabbit?} and doll. 

my kids LOVE this nativity snow globe.  see how I shook it, just for the photo?
mental note ... move the Rob Ryan 'please smell us' vase AWAY from Jesus, Mary and Joseph ...

And here are our Kristen Doran advent calendars, made up from kits last year (and purchased here).  They're so sweet, and I love that the pockets are quite tiny, so there's a limit to how much chocolate can be squeezed in there - we're talking "Furry Friend" but no bigger.

Still haven't started on any 'home-sewing' - our church is having a little craft market next Sunday (just for our congregation, it's not an open-to-the-public thing) - so I've been making up a few little bunting sets out of some Christmas charm squares.  Will take pics when they're finished. 

Happy house-decorating, and happy Sunday      xoxo cat

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