Tuesday 24 January 2012

:: long time no sew ::

School's back in action and it's raining, which means the Bernina is humming.

I had lots of sewing plans for the hols, but just didn't get to them - too much fun hanging out with the kids.

I'm starting small - a very quick table runner made from Ruby Star Shining (I so love everything designed by Melody Miller - anything starting with 'Ruby Star' and I'm there):

{{can you believe it's actually a QWERTY keyboard!}}

{{love the typewriter, the silhouette, the coffee pots, flowers, viewmaster slides, teacups,  +'s ... love it all}}
I should make clear - the print is a 'cheater patchwork' - I'm not sure of the actual name in the Ruby Star Shining line, but all I did was chop a yard+half in half, perpendicular to the selvedge, then sew it back together side by side.  

And this next little bit of sewing is a 'spoiler alert' for Vee ... there's a birthday looming in her house very soon, and I got started on a little pressie today (no surprises for guessing it's NOT her husband's birthday):

{{hint - it's a project from this book, and more sewing will be happening in the middle of the 'frame'}}
'Doll Quilts' is a very sweet book, filled with very cute little projects.  I think I'll be making a few of this particular project ... More pics when it's finished.

Happy Tuesday to everyone, hope you're staying out of the rain.         xoxo cat

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