Monday 2 January 2012

a postcard to Cat

Dear Cat,

Happy New Year my friend. I hope you have survived your family christmas and holiday away and of course have had an enjoyable New Year's celebration. 

Our beach pad for the week. (Wish it WAS ours)

Like me, have you disappointed yourself by breaking your New Years resolutions already?!

From Berklouw Books at Eumundi - what a GREAT find. Could have spent the whole day there.

Have had such a fabulous time away with our friends and their kids. 

'Finn-ilicious' is over the sand and surf and is begging to go home so that he can give his full attention to the beloved IPad. 

His sister on the other hand has turned a lovely shade of gold and has learned to ride a surf board, she would join the surf life saving team if she could.

a 'lucky' find! Gorgeous leather and studded charm bracelet by 'Noosa Amsterdam'.
Not to 'let the team down', I have eaten & 'wined' myself rotten, read a few good novels, spent every morning and afternoon on the beach 'fighting for a piece of sand and surf', visited the Eumundi Markets AND the seafood markets (yum) and yes, already broken my new years resolutions. (Check my mobile phone EVERY day, NO midweek wine and NO online shopping for 8 weeks ... with the exception of fabric of course). 

Coconut and lime scented candle from Tigerlily. DEVINE.

As 'a girl after my own heart' you will be very proud to note that it is now the second day of 2012 and my resolve has lasted all of 8 hours. (AND that was only because I was sleeping.)  I forgot my phone charger so mobile is 'dead', I just had to finish that bottle of bubbles in the fridge yesterday that was left over from New Years eve and my favourite fashion website is on sale.

Hubby and friends on the beach. Perfect swimming every day.

Anyway, 'enclosed' are a few holidays snaps and purchases! and I look forward to a coffee and a catch up when we are back. 

Love Vee xoxo I am sitting here enjoying my cheese and crackers and left over chocolate caramels, I've just had a great idea .... do you want to start weight watchers with me next week.??



  1. Cat has pointed out it the error of my spelling ways!.... is actually Berkelouw Books....and that is because I decided to get off my butt and check their bar codes!!! sorry about that. xoxo fee

  2. ....AAAH.....stupid auto correct. xoxo VEE


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