Saturday 7 January 2012

Pure Pedi sits upon hairy goat ottoman!

Yes! Happy birthday to me indeed. 

A very insightful reminder that we must always be thankful for the small things.
(Thanks Sharm!) 

Freshly pedicured toes upon 'Billy' the hairy goat ottoman.

What a cracker start to my day. Sleep in....a cup of tea and toast, a cute home made pop up card from my daughter, a gorgeous silver cat hammill necklace from my beautiful sister, a coconut scented candle from Bob, the MOST fabulous 'hairy goat' ottoman from my extremely thoughtful husband and then out to a relaxing pedicure courtesy of our good friend evelyn....AND all of this before lunch! home for sushi and perhaps a nana nap before hubby takes me out for dinner and a movie.

Yes...what a sensational day....I can't tell my family and friends enough how much I LOVE them.
So thank you family and friends....I love you all very much and believe it or not 43 doesn't suck nearly as much as I thought it would. (ha ha! This coming from a girl who's favourite 'place' is 'denial'!!)

Happy weekend everyone

xxxx Vee

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