Saturday 16 June 2012

:: flash a smile, it's the New You!! ::

Vee and I have decided to expand our little Etsy range, so - hold the phone - we are branching out into zip pouches.

Hold on a second while my head stops spinning from that surprising news-flash.

So far, we've only embraced the zipper-foot for just the one pouch - which we've oh-so-cleverly combined with some words from our singsongs teatowels:

{new haircut? new house? new job? new weight ... loss ... gain? new love? new coffee shop?}
{the paps are onto the New You.  or is Lara Bingle standing behind you ... best to check}
{come back soon, we have so many questions for you!}
{super cute fabric and bees}

I'm off for a cup of tea in the sunshine.  My head's still spinning.  Off to the shop you pop.  

Happy weekend   xoxo cat

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