Friday 15 June 2012

:: hola peeps ::

hola peeps.  No reason, other than that's what one of my kids likes to say.

Vee and I printed some more singsongs teatowels today - let me tell you, they are awesome, even if we say so ourselves.   They are just so perfect for your kitchen, your Mum's kitchen, your friend's kitchen, your neighbour's kitchen.  Go on.  Pop across to the shop and snap up a few for yourself and your pressie cupboard.  You'll be glad you did.

Popped home after our printing-and-coffee-session and whipped up a zip-pouch for a lovely friend who heads off for an epic European holiday with her family tomorrow.  Way jealous (says she who went to New York last holidays ...).  The trip includes Paris and Venice, so do please note the fabric choices:

{long-loved Michael Miller eiffel towers, and some eiffel tower trim I happened to have stashed away}

{V+A Venice fabric.  Do admit, as the Mitford girls would say, it is perfect}
Here's to a happy weekend.  We're on the fruit roster for netball tomorrow, so that will be an early highlight.

And did I post this pic yet - I walked into the living room the other day, and spied Teddy through the glass doors.  Secret life of dogs.  Mental note - spray-n-wipe that table again:

xoxo cat

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