Thursday 28 June 2012

:: sewing BIG ::

More rain = more sewing.

Finished the hefty work-pocket for my friend Kirsten's classroom.  A bit over 2 metres x 1.2 metres.

{{two kids, standing on a bench-seat, arms stretched high to the sky, during a 2 minute break in the drizzle}}
This was an epic undertaking, mainly because I'm not too fluent in sewing-BIG.  But I did love it.  And it was for a great friend, so that made it a happy little project.

There are 30 pockets, all the same size, 6 in each row - I just sewed random strips using Ikea hippos in red and lime, some Sandy Klop ABC and connect-the-dots, a reddish spot, and some orangey Castle Peeps.  The pockets are lined in Ikea sheeting.

The navy/white background is a great Spotlight find, and on the back (no pic, sorry) is a very cute Ikea 'pacman' design. 

There may be sun tomorrow, so we may even venture outside the house.

Happy hols  xoxo cat

1 comment:

  1. Hey Cat
    This pocket is totally awesome. You are such a good friend. K must be over the moon. xxx vee


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