Friday 3 August 2012

:: Ron Swanson Along - block 3 ::

And oh, within 24 hours I'm back with block 3!!

Moving onto the top right / left side of Ron's head, depending on your / his perspective, I bring you a few Parks and Recreation treasures:

{{can you see the treasures or do you need a closer look?}}
((ok here we go}}
Top to bottom, we have another 'tache for Ron, a Sherbet Pips girl scooting along in a Pawnee park, Fairway Frank himself (yes, it's Fairway Frank, indeed a possum, not a squirrel), pancakes and cream for Leslie, aaaaaaand Portland, 'cos Monica is never far from Ron's thoughts.  

And ooops, coming out for a wider shot, we have some rogue vegetables sneaking in, to mess with Ron's head.

{{vegetables, begone}}
And last pic - here's the whole top of Ron's head:

{{had to do a bit of photo-cropping to get the pyjamas out of the pic}}

OK, I'm off to cook dinner and have a pre-weekend glass of wine - awesome - happy weekend everyone, keep Ron in your thoughts.     xoxo cat


  1. This is amazing and brilliant! I love the added "thoughts!"

    1. thanks, it's been a very fun process to gather Ron's "thoughts"!


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