Monday 6 August 2012

:: T is for ... mk II ::

Back again.  Finished the zip pouches for Tessa (the netball coach) and Tina (her Mum).

Turned the sewing machine and iron off at 10 to 3 this afternoon, grabbed the pouches and my camera, and sprinted up to school.  Actually I drove.  But "sprinted" sounds a bit more dramatic.  And like I can run fast.

Then we drove straight to piano lessons, where I took these pics.  Was worried about the decent daylight having disappeared if I left it til we got home.  Like I'm a real photographer.  

{{for Tessa. not sure of what any of these fabrics are, though I do love them.  there are 9 girls in the team, so I added in the measuring tape, showing the 9.  doubt anyone will notice, but I do love a tiny detail ...}}
{{for Tina. Tufted Tweets couches, Bliss dots and a cute blue scrap I've had for ages}}
{{inside - pale blue Bliss dots for Tina, and Heather Bailey spots for Tessa}}.
On the back are two Prints Charming prints.  Forgot to take a pic though.  

No sewing tomorrow.  Vee and I are heading off to look at stationery and fabric.  And then have a coffee.   Stuff is happening behind the scenes, let me tell you.  We'll let you know soon.  Let the anticipation build ..... 

xoxo cat

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