Tuesday 14 August 2012

:: sew it, sister ::

A rare day of uninterrupted sewing, between school drop off and pick up.

Here's what I made:
A Union Jack!! Have been wanting to make one for ages, and I suddenly thought how awesome would Summersville (the red and blue) look with Madrona Road (the black on white text)!! Very awesome, is the answer.  This will become a cushion to keep.

Next - four wonky stars:
{more love}
Cannot tell you how much I am loving the Madrona Road grey/black crosshatch fabric.  Must order more, it just works so well with these colours.  

The star points are a mix of Prints Charming, Kate Spain, Bonnie + Camille Bliss, and I think Heather Bailey ... and that gorgeous rain-droppy fabric I picked up at Purl Soho when were were in NYC that I've never discovered the name of. 

Close-up pics:
{bee in frame from new Echino range}
{gorgeous Melody Miller Ruby Star lady}
{so love the deer wearing specs from the new Echino range}
{so gorgeous donkey by the letter-box from Madrona Road. love this line}.
That Madrona Road grey/black cross hatch is such a revelation, I love it.  Plan to order more, to be the solid for my upcoming Bloom quilt.  Just waiting on Monica Happy Zombie's gorgeous Winterkist to be released for that too.  

Not quite sure what the star blocks will be yet.  I started with the intention that they would become zip pouches for the shop.  We are waaaaay behind on our shop sewing.  But now I don't know.  Will have a think. 

Happy Ekka day off school and work to everyone in Brisbane tomorrow.  Have got my fingers crossed for a little bit more sewing.    xoxo cat


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  1. That buck with specs is too funny! I have some Madrona Road in the mail... Now I am anxious for it to arrive! I didn't know it had a donkey:)


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