Tuesday 15 January 2013

:: holiday sewing ::

How are your school holidays going?  Brisbane continues to be super hot - though today is blissfully overcast and a little cooler.

We got going early this morning and ticked off back-to-school haircuts, groceries, the post office and the DVD hire-place all before 10.30.

Which meant lots of time back home to sew for me, and a movie marathon for the girls.

I don't think I've shared this instagram pic - eight QAYG placemats, using gorgeous Melody Miller fabrics.  I still need to back these - they're so close to being finished!! 

{{so love Melody Miller}}

And yesterday, I sewed up a test block for Lorena's Anna Maria Horner feather bed quilt.  I wanted to make sure I was ok with the pattern before I cut into Lorena's fabrics, since I don't have a huge history of excellent-pattern-following-ability.

{{it worked!!}}
I am so happy with it, I love the feathers.  Lorena's quilt will be beautiful - her fabrics are all AMH - looking forward to sewing them up for her, and the AusModBee kicking off!

My AusModBee month isn't until August, and I've been deciding between a few different blocks - lots of looking through books and online.  I had just about settled on a Japanese x+ block - I even sewed up a test block on Sunday, with my own guesstimate measurements adapted from Badskirt Amy's excellent tutorial.

{{Tammis Keefe dogs + Pam Kitty Morning buttons + Martha Negley feathers + Heather Ross patchwork}}
And then the very next day - yesterday - I discovered that the second informal instagram quilt-a-long, is to be the exact same block.  AND that Megan of Canoe Ridge Creations, had published cutting instructions for a 12 inch block - exactly what I was after.  

I think I'll stick with this block for my AusModBee as I really love it.  The quilt-a-long (known on instagram as the #xplusalong) will be great incentive to sew up some blocks now though - as my AusModBee quilt is destined for our king-size bed.  I need a looooot of blocks ... I made three more today. 

{{Spoonflower + Yuwa + AMH + Lucky Penny + Martha Negley feathers + Lizzy House}}
{{Spoonflower + Melody Miller + Aunty Cookie + Lucky Penny + Stof  + AMH + a texty print}}
{{Spoonflower + AMH + Push Pin + Love Notes + Flower Press}}
And here's all four - so far - together.  I'm aiming to use all text prints in cream/white/grey as the triangle pieces, so that they bring a bit of calmness to all the crazy colour.   Really happy with them - it's a block after my fussy-cutting-loving heart.

{{loving them}}
And due to all the sewing time, I've now finished watching Season 1 of Once Upon a Time - I've really loved it.  I've seen it on TV when I've been flicking through channels, but never actually watched it.  Now I'm all caught up and ready for Season 2.

And in cat&vee news - Vee took delivery of a box full of Spoonflower awesomeness today!!  We'll be uploading all our bird designs to the shop over the next few days, and post more pics here soon.  

Hope your week has been fun.   xoxo cat

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