Monday 7 January 2013

where the bloody hell is vee?

Cat is going to fall off her chair and spill her G&T all over herself when she sees this.

Hello Gorgeous Cushion Cover available 20th Jan 


Budgie Smuggler (of course!) cushion cover

"What has Vee been doing" you ask??  
I got the moves like Jagger cushion cover

Well....... she hasn't been too drunk to blog**  OR  fired by cat for her potty mouth & blaspheming  OR  just too bloody boring to report anything newsworthy....SHE has been studying like a mad woman and is taking a breather over christmas before she starts again in February to complete her last year.

Cam the Lorikeet cushion cover

** on several occasions Vee's tutors have contacted her asking if she was drunk when submitting her assignments. (Well....sort of AND 2am also has alot to do with it)

Footloose Cushion Cover

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I am still an integral part if the dynamic duo and we are having fun putting my graphic design studies to use.

We have a new range of witty australian bird cushion covers about to hit our store in 2 or so weeks. (available from around 20th Jan)

So now you know that I haven't been dumped by cat .....back to my wine (bottle of) and happy new years y'all.  xoxo vee


  1. I just fell off my chair and there is a puddle of G&T on the floor. You are an absolute classic. Ripper of a post. Love you love. xxx

  2. Way too much fun. Love the new covers - how to choose .....?


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