Tuesday 22 January 2013

:: more x+ and a sweet zip pouch ::

Just checking in with some more x+ blocks and a sweet zip pouch.

Here is block number 8 - Melody Miller typewriters, so love them.  There are also Curly Pops Clark and Edna specs (woo hoo!), Center City, Chicopee, Metro Living circles and a cute Timeless Treasures computer keyboard fabric.

{{block 8}}
Block 9 finally uses some Echino - the buck in specs and the purple owl.  I saw on the #xplusalong on instagram, that Krista from LolaBlueOcean had used a buck in specs in one of her fab x+ blocks and thought how awesome he looked, so had to copy.  There are also long-hoarded Kei kerchief girls, Heather Ross gnomes, Push Pin lego men and a cute treasure hunt fabric that has made a small guest appearance in my long-overdue-to-finish Ron Swanson quilt.

{{block 9}}
And I'm so happy to have hit block 10 - that was my goal for the school holidays.  Now I'm hoping to push on for two more blocks before school starts back.  Really love this one - Heather Ross three little pigs for the +.  How fab-u-lous is the shopping pig?!  And a Lizzy House 1001 Peeps horse, Tula Pink lines (really should check up on the proper names of some of these fabrics), Aneela Hoey reading girl, aaaaaaannnnndd a Winterkist gnoma by the fabulous Monica Happy Zombie!  And also, gorgeous Anna Maria Horner flowers / spots for the triangles, and some hoarded-V+A books.   

{{block 10}}
And I've finally finished the front of my Sweet Pouch Swap zip pouch.  This swap has been organised by the gorgeous Ros from SewDelicious.  All the swappers make a zip pouch (or a little drawstring bag, or something similar) and pop a few delicious lollies and chocolates inside. 

{{so love the Pam Kitty Morning button-card fabric}}
My partner lives in the US, so I will be sure to choose some Australian treats to send - at this stage I'm thinking Natural Confectionary Company party-mix lollies and a bag of Freddo's.  Or maybe Caramello Koalas, though I was worried they'd get a little squashed on the way over.

Hope your week has been fun so far.  One week to go until school starts back again, boo.    take care, xoxo cat


  1. I love spotting my fabrics in blogland! Thankyou so much for including a little bit of moi.

  2. I'm enjoying your clever use of the button card panel!


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