Thursday 20 August 2015

.: giraffe-cat cushion in progress :.

We all share a love of sewing, and it's something we can also share with others.  A friend's daughter has been in hospital for several weeks, and will remain there for some time to come.  Beyond joining others in making meals for the family at home, I asked if I could also sew something for her.  It's of no practical help of course, but hopefully it will bring a momentary lift in her spirits.

I asked my friend what her daughter would like, and she said a giraffe, or a cat, and definitely in orange.  And so that's what I've made.  A giraffe from Kristy's Zoo Animals BOM paper-pieced patterns, a cat from Elizabeth's The Kittens quilt pattern, and lots of orange.  

The next step is to turn them into a cushion, ready for gifting on the weekend.

Hope your week has been a good one, and that all the people in your life are healthy, home and happy.   xoxo cat


  1. So sweet Cat - this will absolutely raise her spirits and for much more than a moment, I'm sure. A gorgeous gift idea x

  2. This will be such a fun and bright pillow and sure to cheer your friend up!


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