Monday 24 August 2015

.: giraffe + cat + orange cushion :.

One giraffe + cat + orange cushion finished and ready to be gifted!  I really hope it will bring a little orange-y sunshine to my friend's daughter - click here for more about that. 

The giraffe is a paper-piecing pattern by Kristy from Quiet Play, and the cat is by Elizabeth Hartman. I really love it, but wish I had a one-size bigger cushion insert, so it would plump out just a little more.  The cushion front was 20 inches unfinished, and I used a size 20 insert - I'm thinking I need to pop out and get a size 22 if I can swing it in time. 

I'm really happy with the mix of oranges and blues.  I think if the giraffe was for me to keep, I'd have gone all-scrappy, including her face.  Or maybe that would be a little too scrappy, even for me!

For the back, I used big Spotlight spots, to keep with the orange colour-theme, sliced through with a navy zipper.

Hope you have all had a happy weekend.  Here's to a good week.  xoxo cat


  1. One super lucky recipient who is going to be super thrilled and it will be more than gifted sunshine :) Love the scrappy look :)

  2. Love both the blocks - the cushion is fab! x

  3. oh wow this is totally amazing .Fun ,Bright and Happy .
    hugs xo


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