Sunday 22 July 2012

:: Buzz Lightyear popped in ::

Not much sewing going on around here lately.

We had our school fete yesterday.  The BrisVegas rain stopped and we were blessed with gorgeous weather.

I was one of the organising trio, and Vee did all the graphic-design for all our printed info - school newsletter updates, fliers, the program etc.  Lots of work.  Great day.  Very happy it went well and is now oooovvveeerrrrrr.

Some pics.
{{our 'field of fans', in keeping with the 'fan-fair' theme for the fete}}

Our lovely and very clever friend Kate was part of the Cafe-coordinating-duo and came up with an awesome menu - really, really great food.

All the Cafe decorating was done by Kate's good mates Sher and Elaine.  My absolute favourite deorative touch was the table-numbers.

{{so loved no.15}}
{{I was quite partial to the dinosaur, pink vespa and eiffel tower too}}
And I also love love loved the 'welcome to the Cafe' mannequins.

{{why hello, do come in to our fabulous cafe, said Sher}}
Hexagons, Ron Swanson and other sewing will resume shortly.

xoxo cat

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