Tuesday 3 July 2012

:: sew on ::

Can't get enough of the school hols, they should just be on, constantly, all year round.  The sun has come out in Brisbane at last, and it's just been so nice to potter around and not do much.  Loving it.

Have been making progress on the two quilts for my kids - block by very slow block.  Have made three more house-blocks for TBAY ('the blue and yellow', with pink and red thrown in too):
{{aloha. Particularly love the Lu Summers hand-printed hearts.  And the clouds.}}
{{this one is brighter 'in real life', it's photographed a bit pale.  So love Aunty Cookie}}
{{I do like this one.  The panda fabric just arrived - ordered it after we saw the pandas at San Diego Zoo back in April}}
And as I was a little ahead already on TGAP ('the green and purple'), I've only made one more block:

{{another panda, and some Tufted Tweets, Saffron Craig, Lizzy House and FMF.  Lots of favourites in these blocks}}.
Have been stitching some hexies too - these will eventually be stitched onto Summersville crosshatch yardage and become cushions:

{{cute huh. the fabrics are all Moda lines - centres are Mad with Love; the cream/black are Sweetwater's Mama Said Sew; and the gorgeous blue swirls and green houses are Summersville}}
{{this is my favourite so far - a Summersville town!}}
There will be many more hexies to come - I've decided to have a go at the Fat Quarterly HexyMF - haven't made a start yet as I'm waiting on my cutting-templates to arrive in the mail.  It'll be slow going, but the plan is to have an ongoing hand-stitching project, so I can make better use of time spent waiting for the kids at music lessons, sitting in front of the TV, stuff like that.

Happy Tuesday, enjoy the sun.     xoxo cat

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