Sunday 8 July 2012

:: textyhexymf ::

I am signing on for my first-ever on-line quilt-a-thon!!  Am way excited.  And it's going to take a verrrry long time. 

It's the hexymf-along via the very fabulous Fat Quarterly blog.  Click through and see Katy's gorgeous original hexymf quilt.  Love it a lot.  

I ummmmed and aaahhhhhed a lot about fabric for the hexymf - do I buy yet more fabric just for this project?  Ah, no.  I have plenty of fabric.  A lot of fabric.  A huge amount of fabric. 

So it's time to cut into fabric that is "too precious to use" - lots of text prints, and lots of favourites.  I'm fussy-cutting a lot of it, so it's actually a little bit wasteful - but I am loving looking at all these perfect little hexies of fabric-sweetness.

Have only basted two so far:

{{are you feeling the love?}}

{{get Prince's song into your head right now - that's where 'hexymf' comes from!}}
Because I'm using a lot of text-prints (as well as a lot of absolute favourite fabrics) - I'm calling it the 'textyhexymf'.  

Happy last-day-of-the-hols to you.  Gah, where has that time gone!!    xoxo cat

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