Thursday 20 September 2012

:: from mahusive to teeny tiny ::

After the mahusive zip-pouch sewing effort, it was time to make a couple of tiny zip pouches, for tiny treasures.  

Went with my gut instinct this time, and sewed wrist-straps in:

{{Little Apples girl, Tula Pink birds+bees and ladybirds, and Curly Pops Go Granny II.  And a peek of Out to Sea seaweed for the strap}}
{{all the same fabrics as above, except there's also Anna Maria Horner Lou Lou thi - the x o fabric along the bottom}}
And the backs:
{{Out to Sea seaweed and narwhals, and AMH xo}}
A size comparison ;-D
{{two of these pouches are bigger than the others, tell me now before my song is done}}
And I just couldn't leave the mahusive zip pouches alone ... I waited til after school, so I could double-check I had the go-ahead to add straps, and I was off and racing.  Not the world's best sewing-effort - it was really a bit tricky to wrestle those straps into place after the event ... but they're on, and the pouches will be way more handy as bags, so we're all happy:

{{I made the straps from the awesomeville Tula Pink ladybirds, so they blended in a little.  and because they're awesome}} 
{{and from the backs}}
Last day of a very long 11-week school term for us in Queensland tomorrow.  I almost said "us Queenslanders", but of course, I am not FROM Queensland, so I am not a "Queenslander".  Subtle point, but important for my husband to remember at State of Origin time.  When NSW is winning. Which they haven't been doing for 7 or so years ....  Why am I talking about rugby league .... honestly .... time for wine. 

Vee and I are screen printing tomorrow.  We have super exciting news to share on that front, but not just yet ...

Happy Friday, and happy weekend to you all.    xoxo cat

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