Thursday 6 September 2012

:: sold!! ::

Vee and I got together to do some printing this week.  

There are some gorgeous new Home-ies panels in the shop, and some awesome Doris Day panels.  We're working on a Doris cushion for the shop too - we'll post about Doris as soon as we have some pics to show you.

We also tried printing a couple of Home-ies onto different fabrics - branching out from our usual Essex linen.  We uploaded our first cushion - a Finn McTrickster - using this fabric, to the shop this afternoon.

While I was typing this post, Vee texted me to say Finn had sold!!   So here's a look at the gorgeous Finn before he heads off to his new home.  We've printed him onto a fabulous linen/cotton blend called Mello.   
{{so many of our favourite fabrics are in this cushion!!}}

{{Staxx bookshelf fabric by the gorgeous Amy from Pennycandy, via Spoonflower}}

{{Melody Miller record - it says 'Cosmic Tones for mental therapy' - awesomeville!!}}

{{Tula Pink meteor shower, Martha Negley feathers, Melody Miller typewriter}}

{{black/natural Echino cars}}
Our gorgeous Millie Mischief kiss hug pom pom cushion sold today too - she's already in the post and headed for her new home.

So it's back to the sewing for us - we'll be back soon to show you our Doris Day panels, and how fabulous they can look on your lounge.  

Happy nearly-Friday to everyone    xoxo cat

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