Friday 14 September 2012

:: happy sewing day ::

A very happy sewing day today.

I used Elizabeth's excellent refrigerator magnet pattern to make an 'S' zip pouch, as a thank you pressie for an awesome prac teacher at school.  My daughter has loved having her in class all term.

Here is the front:

{{Madrona Road broken herringbone, a grey spot, and Tula Pink ladybirds}}
And the back - can you tell that my new yardage of Madrona Road has arrived!!:

{{Madrona Road text and donkey}}
I bought a little bit more of my Madrona Road favourites from Fat Quarter Shop - the broken herringbone, text (in white and black) and Homestead (with the sweet donkey, truck and barn, and all the gorgeous flowers). 

And here's the inside - a pale blue spot from Sherbet Pips.

Vee and my friend Tracy came over today - she is new to sewing and has been signing up for courses at our local quilt shop, so she's learned a lot very quickly.  She made a really cute zip pouch today - I didn't think to take a pic of the pouch by itself - we're trying to quickly leap past the "fear of the zipper foot" that I had for way too long. 

So happy it's Friday again - the kids have a piano concert early this evening, then it's champagne and loud talking at a local coffee shop/bar.   Have a great weekend   xoxo cat

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