Tuesday 11 September 2012

:: Pipsqueak goes to the Circus ::

Pipsqueak, looking gorgeous and fiesty in red, thought she'd join the circus ...

How sweet is Pipsqueak looking, surrounded by bursts of colour in a mix of beautiful fabrics.  She is  all set for fun on your lounge.  Or couch.  Or sofa.  

Here's the back - an awesome new Prints Charming for Spotlight print.  The twill tape is from Lilla Lotta on Etsy and tells a little story about a Prince and his dog/s.  We thought Pipsqueak could (pretend to) be one of the beautiful little dogs who managed to escape the picky Prince, and made her way to the circus ... it could happen ...

We'll be uploading Pipsqueak to the shop later today.

Vee and I printed more Home-ies today - including another trial run on printed fabrics.   We are thinking up a few ideas to sew them into - more cushions, maybe a few zip pouches.  And more panels for the shop, so you can sew your own Home-ies creations.

The sun is shining again in Brisbane - which is perfect for the Home-ies flapping in the warm sunshiney breeze - but we've been over a month now with not a drop of rain.  I'm off to get sorted for school pick up and an afternoon of jujitsu.  Actually, I'll be sitting chatting, watching the jujitsu in action.  So much more enjoyable, methinks.  Happy Tuesday.     xoxo cat


  1. I mean, really? How flipping cute!! Y'all do really great work.

    1. thanks Kristan - we have are having a lot of fun with these little designs. I just wish we could sew faster so we could make more into cushions!! Cat.


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