Tuesday 5 March 2013

.: barista-in-training :.

So I'm becoming a little addicted to making lattes-to-go.

I loved making my first one so much, so thought I'd sew up a few more.  They've been made with specific people in mind, which has informed my fabric choices a little. 

Berene's fabulous word-fabric has come out again ('birthday'), as well as her cute maths-fabric (the lids on the two 'cafes' cups).  

The cups are made from Pam Kitty Morning button-cards (the pink teacups), Prints Charming-for-Spotlight starbursts, Martha Negley Farmington feathers and I think the blue is an Anna Maria Horner print - it's a FQ I picked up and doesn't have a selvedge.    

The background is black/white Timeless Treasures sketch.

If you want to make your own latte-to-go - and who wouldn't?! - pop across to Penny and Kerry's  fabulous Sew-Ichigo shop.    xoxo cat


  1. They look great! I will have to try some paper piecing soon! x

  2. Love all of these blocks - I'd have a latte to go anytime:)


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