Monday 25 March 2013

.: hippity hoppity :.

Easter's on its way.

Bring on the bunnies.
How cute are they?!  They're from a very cute, quick and easy little pattern by Rosalie Quinlan, which I bought online from Ballarat Patchwork.  

The little navy-mix one is already flying south to my nephew in Bondi.

Over the Easter weekend, I will sew up more, using a completely random mix of colours.  And next time, I'll sew the tummy on BEFORE I stuff the bunny.  I kept pulling stuffing through with every tummy-stitch.  

Easter also means The Bonnet Parade at school.  Hello Riot, local newsagent and hot-glue-gun.
{{no captions are needed for these awesome bonnet creations}}
I hope you've been noticing the hot-glue-strands in the photos.  They're an intentional highlight.

More sewing coming up.  I still haven't finished my fabric ironing-and-folding marathon.  But I really had to walk away from it for a few days.  Too much ironing, not enough sewing.  

Here's to a happy Easter week for everyone.  xoxo cat

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  1. Love those bunnies! And those Easter bonnets are a far cry from the old decorated ice cream tub my Mum used to make! I much preferred the school book parade :)


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