Sunday 31 March 2013

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Happy Easter to you all! - hope you've all had a peaceful and chocolate-filled Easter Sunday.  

Just popping in to share with you our three new cushion-panel designs - they just arrived last Thursday from Spoonflower.
We haven't had a chance yet to sew with them, or cut them into panels for the shop - too much chocolate to eat, wine to drink and lounging around to do. 
Can you read this one?  Just to help out those of you who have not yet succombed to the need for over-40 specs: "Dear Teen Pop - thank you for applying for Mums' Night Out.  We regret to inform you that your long layered fringes and sugary, but hopeful lyrics are not needed at this time.  We are not saying that we will never, ever, ever get back together.  We will review your application on the morning school run.  Sincerely, 80's Music".

{{close-up of the label}}
We love them, they are so fun and will add a bit of colour and fun to your lounge.  We'll have them listed in the shop in the next few days - allowing a bit of time for a little more chocolate-eating.  

Here's to your happy Easter weekend.  xoxo cat

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