Sunday 7 April 2013

.: light at the end of the tunnel :.

So, nearly a whole month ago, I mentioned that I was starting to sort out my stash.  

I'm nearly there.

Please don't for a minute think I've been ironing and folding and sorting and culling fabric endlessly for a whole month.  Good grief, that's a thought.  It HAS though, taken me this long to iron, fold, sort and cull a lot of fabric, in fits and starts, amidst the rest of life over the past month.   

But finally - I'm *nearly* there.

All my fabric is now ironed, folded onto mini-bolts and sorted into colours.  For the life of me, I cannot get the next two photos to sit next to each other, so they give the effect of the cupboard being opened right up.  Sometimes my complete lack of techno-ability amazes even me.

Anyway, here's the left-hand side of the cupboard.

{{yep.  that's a whole lot of fabric}}
I've gone with a neutrals, texts, then greys and blacks, then a ROYGBIV rainbow kind of arrangement (except it's actually a RPOYGBP rainbow - red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple ... though I just noticed in the photo above I need to swap out my yellow and orange ...).  

The very top shelf has fat quarters and quarter-yards in that neutrals-text-greys-black-rainbow order, right across the top.  On the lower shelves - half-yards and yardage - it's exactly the same, but with neutrals, texts and greys/blacks on the first shelf, then RPOYGB on the next shelf.  And then things went a little crrrazzzyy for the bottom shelf.  That one has Heather Ross, then Melody Miller and Echino, then purple (random, yes), and then a currently empty spot (but for one awesome Winterkist bolt) waiting for my mini-Christmassy-fabric stash.  Since it's not nearly Christmas, those fabrics are sitting patiently in a laundry basket underneath the ironing board, waiting til I can be bothered to iron them while watching 'Toddlers and Tiaras' or a 'Real Housewives of' episode or something equally trashy.    

Here's the right-hand side of the cupboard. 
{{ah yes, that's even more fabric}}
My Christmassy-stash isn't as big as that gnoma-guarded-waiting-area would suggest ... The plastic bins you can see are for scraps (and they act as 'book-ends' to help keep the fabric standing up).  
{{hmmm, something's happened with that rainbow-ordering system here}}
I honestly can't tell you how relieved I am that my fabric is now sorted and under control.  I'm a messy person, but the fabric chaos was driving me nuts.  I was having trouble finding the fabric I needed for projects, and just felt a bit hemmed in by the endless mountain of un-put-away fabric.  

There's still a bit of tidying and sorting to do around my sewing space, but I'm just about there.  There's also a *very* big pile of fabric headed for charity-sewing, a medium-sized pile for destashing in our shop, and yet another *smaller* pile for a giveaway via instagram or here - Vee and I still need to figure that out. 

The other very-awesome benefit of this epic sorting-marathon, has been unearthing drawings and messages that my kids had done for me - they'd fallen off the wall above my cutting table, so we've stuck them back up again today.  The gorgeous painting up the very top was by my youngest - probably when she was in grade 1, or maybe even Prep.

And this one was by my oldest, quite a few years ago now too.  So very happy to have them back up on the wall where I can see them. 
Hope your weekend has been a good one.    xoxo cat


  1. Wow, what a huge effort! So worth it though, it looks so lovely. You've made me feel better about the size of my stash ;o)

  2. Love your stash! Do you want to come and do mine LOL It needs it badly!

  3. Looks so neat and tidy! And after you do Jessica's would you like to come over and sort my stash out - pretty please?

  4. I am totally in the midst of going through my scraps. The small pieces of cardboard for my fabric is just what I need. Thank you for the inspiration.


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