Tuesday 30 April 2013

.: Beautiful Sonia :.

Just popping in to share with you the beautiful family portrait that the gorgeous + amazing Sonia from Dandelyne has made for us.  

I 'met' Sonia through the magic of Etsy + instagram and now emails.  Her designs and creations are so beautiful, heartfelt and fun.  I've been reeeeeeally wanting one of Son's family portraits for a while, so finally bought one through her fabulous Etsy shop - an early Mothers' Day pressie to me!  

There is so much meaning in this gorgeous little stitched piece of perfection.  I can't put into words how beautiful it is, how much meaning it has, and how absolutely thrilled, touched and happy I am to have it. 
The gorgeous Son even included some little sweet gifts for me and the girls.  She is a beautiful + generous soul, and I wish you all had your own little Dandelyne family portrait.  Thank you so much Beautiful Sonia.    xoxo cat  


  1. This is adorable. You people look cute, but that little doggie is to die for!


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