Thursday 11 April 2013

.: fine dining :.

What is this flat pile of gorgeous?!
Ooooh just my Melody Miller placemats, finished at last!  How. Much. Do. I. Love. Melody. Miller. Fabrics.
{{love the typewriter}}

{{loooove the roller skate with pom pom highlight}}
I made the QAYG tops during the last school hols.  And have finally gotten around to finishing them. 
{{wish I had one of these phones for real}}

They were one of the projects sitting hidden under the fabric-mountain at the end of my sewing space ...

... one of the many reasons I was finally spurred into my ironing-and-folding marathon

Sooo very happy they are now finished and ready for dining action.
{{so love the record labels}}
{{love the Ruby Star ladies}}
Ready to roll.  For when we have eight people at the table ...  In the meantime, they live in this basket ready for the girls to choose four when they set the table each night.  

I am even hoping to make peace with spillages and frequent washing.   xoxo cat


  1. These look amazing - it would be so hard to decide on which one to use each night:)

  2. They look gorgeous on your dining table - such a brilliant idea!

  3. Oh I adore them! Melody Miller fabrics are becoming so hard to find!!

  4. They are fantastic! I have a Melody Miller panel that I have no idea what to do with!

  5. GAH!!! These are so, so perfect!!!

  6. These are super cool! Love your style :)


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