Friday 26 April 2013

.: To Boston with Love - make some flags! :.

The Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild is coordinating an awesome project - To Boston with Love - click through and read all about it - there are at least three posts about it on their blog at the moment. 

The idea is that sew-ers all over the world, make bunting flags - with the themes of love, peace and hearts - and send them to Boston, where they will be hung in a public exhibition.  Hopefully the people of Boston will be uplifted by this wonderful display, and know that people all over the world have them in their hearts and minds right now.   

{{gorgeous heart-pattern by Berene from HappySewLucky - available on the VMQG blog site}}
I first saw the project in HappySewLucky Berene's instagram stream, about a week ago.  Berene posted a pic on instagram yesterday, saying that there are now 30 Modern Quilt Guilds + individual contributors (like me!), from all over the world, participating in the project - how awesome is that?!
{{gnoma in the middle}}
The VMQG site includes patterns and also inspiration links, so you can be all sorted to make your own flags.  
{{Berene designed the awesome maths-fabric to the right of the 'o'}}
Flags are due to be in Boston (the postal address is on the VMQG blog site) by May 31.  I'm aiming to post mine on Monday, to allow a whole month for them to arrive - I know that's crazy, but I also know I'll be happier knowing that the flags are on their way. 
{{do you get that this flag kind of says 'love cat', as in 'love from cat' ... subtle ... }}

And in a twist of perfect-timing - our latest Spoonflower order just arrived today - including the gorgeous 'love' fabric designed by Amy from PennyCandy! - it is going to look awesome on the back of the flags.  I so love the 'love' fabric - have had my eye on it for a while.

The backs of the flags are to include your name, and location - so I'm bringing out my neatest handwriting to stitch my details for little labels. 

I have loved making these flags - choosing lots of favourite fabrics and fussy-cutting away - and have had the people of Boston on my mind as I've been sewing.  My hope is that their hearts will be uplifted upon seeing the To Boston With Love flags.  Heartfelt thanks, to the girls of the VMQG, for coordinating this awesome project.

Happy weekend everyone - and maybe even, happy flag-making.   xoxo cat


  1. They look amazing! Love your subtle cat :)

  2. Stunning Cat! I'm hoping to get a couple made this week :o)

  3. Hi Cat! I'm Holly, president of the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild. Thanks so much for making these beautiful flags and joining us in our effort to blanket Boston with peace and love. It's really incredible watching the global connections and the way so many people have jumped in to contribute to this project!

  4. These flags are awesome!!


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