Tuesday 9 April 2013

.: pack your bags :.

As luck would have it, Vee and I live only one street apart.

Close enough to trot back and forth between houses when it's time to screen print, to discuss and share design + sewing ideas over a coffee, to race around and pick up or drop off packages for the post office, to share the school run, and of course .... .... ....  for champagne + playdates.  Champagne for us, playdate for the kids.

With all this trotting and visiting, a bag comes in handy, since there is always stuff to carry - swimmers + towels, printed panels, sewn-goodies, magazines, toys, books, left-behind-toys-and-books and, often, happily, champagne and snacks.

It's not like we're lacking in bags.  But here's another for a bit of fun.

As you can see, it's handily big enough for at least two bottles of wine and a bag of popcorn (mental note ... work on having fancier props in the pantry).  

The front panel is one of our designs and is in our shop now.  The back and straps are an Echino print, and the lining is a cute Heather Ross / Crafty Chloe print.  And for complete disclosure, the wine is Oyster Bay sav blanc, and the sweet and salty popcorn is a Woolies homebrand.   Just so you know. 

Packed and ready to trot.      xoxo cat


  1. I just love that, I love coffee and champagne! So clever!

  2. I really love all of your quirky panels - the Echino on the other side is fab too!


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