Monday 29 April 2013

.: Patchwork Please :.

How was your weekend?  Brisbane has been just beautiful these last few days - anyone who snuck away for an ANZAC Day long weekend was in luck - gorgeous blue skies and the perfect temperature.    My favourite time of year.

I have been quite obsessed these last few days, with flicking endlessly through the fabulous Patchwork Please by Ayumi Takahashi.  I've mentioned in an earlier post, my long-time love of Ayumi's projects and ideas.

So I really wanted to actually make something from the book, from start to finish.  And the Prettified Pincushion was the smallest, quickest thing - so here we go.  

I had a fussy-cut-a-thon with the gorgeous Pam Kitty Morning button-card fabric, and then figured I'd cut into even more of my 'precious stash' - so out came the gorgeous Leanne Fanny handprinted fabric.  
 And then for the sides - more of the good stuff.  First of Infinity ... and ...
 ... I'm actually not sure who this print is from but I love it ... I only have a few precious scraps left ...
 ... and a Suzuko Koseki print ...
 ... and some Yuwa Live Life.  So wish I'd snipped off that bit of fluff before I took the photo.  By the time I saw it on my computer screen, there was no way I was back-tracking and taking more pics.
The gorgeous pink flowers on the button are another Leanne Fanny print.  And here comes a true confession. 
Covering buttons is NOT part of my crafty-skill-set.  It took me an age to put the button together.  An absolute age.  It kept popping apart, or I'd hammer the back down (using the handles of a pair of scissors ... there's probably something more appropriate I could have used) only to find it was skewed to the side and I'd have to pry it off and start again.  Anyway - finally got the button sorted, and then the top popped off while I was sewing it onto the pin cushion.  Hello hot glue gun.  
And a little tip - because I do love a fussy-cut - I made little template-plastic templates for the quadrant pieces on the top of the pincushion, and also for the sides.

OK.  I'm off to check for hot glue strands.   Enjoy the rest of your Monday.  xoxo cat


  1. Cat, you are so clever! It looks absolutely brilliant - I love every single one of the fabrics you used, and I'm suffering stash envy. Again ;o)

  2. Love your pincushion - and such a good idea to use a template!

  3. Template is great idea indeed! And what a darling end product! Love the text on the sides!

  4. LOVE this!! We have the same love of fabrics!! I have such a hard time cutting them up but for Ayumi I did too! I am hoping to sew mine together today. I have been scratching my head over how to do the sides. I think I need photos of that step! The template is very smart and so is the hot glue! Have a great week Cat! Pam :))

  5. It turned out so cute. I love your fussy cutting ways!

  6. Just perfect, love fussing cutting, but I do become frustrated after a while when it doesnt work out for me ahhahaha. Your not alone with the buttons, its a skill set I lack doing self covered buttons :)


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