Thursday 25 April 2013

.: ANZAC Day :.

The girls joined their school mates - and returned servicemen-and-women, Girl Guides, the police, and other school children and more - in the local ANZAC Day march this morning.

It was a gorgeous morning.  The march was followed by a lovely and moving ceremony.  I am so happy and grateful that we were able to go along, and that the girls had the experience of joining in the march, and listening to the address and joining in the prayers and songs. 
{{the 1945-1995 must have been to commemorate 50 years since the end of World War II.  I had thought the dates said 1939-1945 when I took the photo}} 
My late Pop loved the camaraderie and spirit of ANZAC Day.  He was in the RAAF in World War II, and always took part in the march, right up until he could no longer march himself, but joined in via open-topped car.  I had an air-force badge to remember him, and my Dandelyne Mabel necklace to remember my Nan. 

Hope your ANZAC Day has been peaceful.   xoxo cat

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  1. We also went to our local ANZAC parade and our 3 teenagers joined in to march with their school.


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