Wednesday 6 March 2013

.: March AusModBee block 1 :.

Charlotte is the queen-bee for March in our AusModBee.

Charlotte is making a modern sampler out of three solids, and has asked for traditional blocks - or traditional with a modern twist.  

The solids are Kona white, slate and bright pink.

Since I'm still pretty new to quilting, this is another awesome bee-challenge for me.  Solids + traditional.  I never know how to use solids, they freak me out a bit.  I love the colours Charlotte's chosen, and so it was on with the challenge of finding a good traditional block that would highlight them well. 

I've done lots of googling for blocks, lots of blog-looking, plenty of Pinterest searching, and heaps of book-flicking.  And for block number 1, I've gone with:

It's 'Star within a Star' by Brioni Greenberg, and it's in the very excellent Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop for Quilters book.  

I'm not even sure what the traditional star-block is called - maybe an Ohio star?  I'm very happy with this block though - and it finishes at exactly 12.5 inches, which is what Charlotte has asked for. 

Still thinking about what block number two will be.  Happy middle-of-the-week to you, hope you are getting less rain than we are in Brisbane.   xoxo cat


  1. It's awesome. Would never have guessed that solids freak you out from this one. It makes me even like pink a bit more than I actually do (like not at all!). Great colour combo!

  2. This is a beautiful block - I am still trying to think about what to make and have a few other stars in mind too.


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