Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Hello You look lovely today.

Hello You Look lovely today in aqua

Hello You look lovely today in Navy

We ladies all are so damn fine and YES we do look lovely today.  
Actually, that would be everyday.

To celebrate your fabulousness we've added these two new
cushion panel designs to our etsy store.

Happy Tuesday all.

xxx catherine and vanita

Monday, 24 March 2014

.: sharing a little cushion-y love :.

Far out, the weeks are rolling by like a fast train to Crazy Town - that's not even a saying, but let's go with it.  We're back now to share a few cushions we've made recently - all to be given away as raffle prizes.

First up - cushions using our Awesome Dad and Big Hearted Girl panels, for a Father-Daughter breakfast at school.  

We added matching-y borders so the cushions will sit nicely together on a lounge - or happily apart, depending on what their new owner's cushion-y plan is.  It's always good to have a cushion-y plan, we think. 

And these gorgeous cushions are for an upcoming school-music-department fundraiser.  The musical notes are from a pattern-bundle by the very-clever Kristy - available from her Craftsy shop

Kristy's pattern are so fun and easy to follow. I used a mix of low-volume fabrics to surround the musical notes, and then kind-of-matching, more colourful fabrics for the outer borders.  There's a bit of a musical theme going on with some of the fabrics - mainly Amy's awesome designs from her Spoonflower shop and also her Geekly Chic line with Riley Blake (the records, mix-tapes, juke-box and the fortune cookies are all by Amy!).

I'm a little sad that all these happy cushions have walked out the door - but I'm very happy that they'll be sharing a little cat&vee cushion-y love elsewhere.  

Hope you've had a good few weeks - we've only got a couple of weeks til school hols, wahooo!  xoxo cat

Thursday, 6 March 2014

.: March doGoodStitches blocks for Gina :.

Gina is the quilter for March in our Care Circle of doGoodStitches.  I love Gina's block choices, they are always straightforward to make and come together to create a big, fun impact.

This month, Gina chose the Souvenier Star from QuiltersCache, and asked that the star be in the Radiant Orchid  ('Pantone's colour of the year') colour palette, the joining squares be light grey and the background white.  I did a quick search in Pinterest for 'radiant orchid fabric' and Rachel posted this great blog link, which both helped in choosing my purple fabrics.  

This one is Tula Pink's gorgeous Hummingbirds in dusk, from her wonderful Acacia line.  The grey is Flea Market Fancy seeds.

And this one is the gorgeous Bird Dot in orchid from the fabulous Collage line by Carrie Bloomston of Such Designs - I can't wait for Carrie's new line Paint! 

And here they are together.  Gina has asked that if we didn't have radiant orchid fabrics in our stash, to use an aqua for the star.  Looking at the blocks that everyone has made so far, the quilt will be really gorgeous, with plenty of little pops of colour amidst the purple and aqua. 

One more sleep tip the weekend!  Hope your week has been a good one.  xoxo cat

Monday, 3 March 2014

.: la la la love these :.

So I have a little musically-themed project on the go - and what better pattern to use, than Kristy's fabulous musical set, available in her Craftsy shop?

So far, I have made the double-quaver and the quaver.  I looooove them. 

I had planned to just use white/cream/tan musical notes for the background, but as always, I had trouble concentrating when using just one background shade and had to bring in some colour.  There's a fairly musical-theme going on in much of the background fabrics, including Amy's mix tapes and jukebox designs, both available in her Spoonflower shop

I'm loving Pam's spots too, and Amy's fortune cookie fortunes, and the ballet girls (they are from Frances' Miss Matatabi shop).  And Violet's Madrona Road, and the sweet Kei print + macarons from PolkaDotTea

It was good to sew the blocks while watching Live From the Red Carpet, and then the Oscars! - it's years since I've been able to be home to see a bit of live red-carpet dress action, and actually not know who wins the Oscars before glimpsing them on the news update at night.  All in all, a good day.  Hope your week has started well too - we even had rain up here today, which made the day even better!  xoxo cat 

Saturday, 1 March 2014

.: a coupla pressies to share :.

A couple of pressies to share with you today.

First up, a library bag (+ books!) for Vee's gorgeous son, whose birthday is next week.  I KNOW that a library bag + books are not the most exciting of pressies for a small boy, but we figure the baby-Star Wars fabric + the lovely time to be had reading the books together, will make up for it ... hmmmm ....  yep, no bright lights, loud noises, or Skylandery type gear going on here. 

Here's a close-up of the fab fabric - click here if you would like to click through and buy some for yourself.  It comes in blue and pink colourways too! 

And next - and last - it's not like it's been a pressie-making-frenzy around here, there's just the two - a project-sized lined drawstring bag, from the excellent pattern by Jeni from In Color Order

This is for my sister-in-law, who is a fairly recent knitter - she took a series of classes, and then took off like a rocket.  She doesn't crochet, so I thought that using the crochet-square fabric from Spotlight would be kind of funny.  The blue fabric is Lizzy House's pearl bracelets, and the pink drawstrings are from the fabulous Prints Charming collection for Spotlight.  

And the lining is a Suzuko Koseki print.  The wool is just for the photos - the bag is such a great size, it comfortably holds 5, 6, 7 balls of wool.  Plus, I guess, knitting needles, or crochet-hooks, and other woolly-project needs ... all of which shall forever remain a mystery to me. 

That's it from me for the weekend.  Gosh the weekends seem even more precious, now that our oldest has started high school.  Life is so much busier and crazier during the week, so each weekend provides some greatly needed down-time for all of us.  Hope you are enjoying your weekend too.  xoxo cat
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