Monday, 23 December 2013

Thanks Luellabella. Your cushions rock!

    Lovely Lara M, also known as Luellabella is one of our many gorgeous and very clever cat and vee customers who has purchased panels from our etsy store and made her very own masterpieces with them. 

She was kind enough to share photo's of the christmas pressies she has made for her 
  very lucky hubby.  Thank you so much for taking the time to share Lara, we 
really appreciate seeing the end result.

To all of you who have supported our shop and blog this year, we thank you. We know there are so many great designers out there and your choice of fabric is global and very vast.  We are truly grateful that you have chosen a cat and vee design.

We wish you all and your families a lovely, happy, bubbly, christmas and new years celebration and we will be back early 2014.

Mwah to you all, may your in-laws and drunken uncles and aunties behave over the 'silly season' and if not, you will have some awesome family stories to share over the years to come!

 xoxo catherine and vanita

Sunday, 22 December 2013

.: a play-mat quilt and a bye for 2013! :.

Three blog posts in three days, can you feel the high-five breeze from where you are? 

Today I'm sharing pics of a play-mat quilt I made for a friend's new baby grand-daughter (whose name, yes, starts with 'L'!).

I started off just with the pink 'L' and low-volume background - thinking maybe I'd make a table-mat or a cushion. 

But then I just kept cutting and adding borders.  The Lizzy House hedgehogs!  The Tula Pink squirrels!

I forgot to measure it before gifting it, but I think it's about 40-ish inches square, maybe a little smaller.

Here's the back - Bliss, Violet Craft's gorgeous elephants, a sweet Sarah Jane print, Sandi Henderson's ginger blossoms and a Flea Market Fancy reprint. 

I quilted it in wavy lines - I like to say 'organic lines' - but really, it just means I couldn't be bothered to sew straight lines! 

I love the owls and the Laurie Wisbrun giraffes!

The PamKittyMorning button cards are a big favourite of mine, and I did take a deep breath before using a whole row of them!

Here's a close up of the Sarah Jane print - children hiding and playing in all sorts of cubby houses - so sweet.

There's lots of little things for L and her grandmother to find in this quilt, so I hope they spend lots of hours in the years to come, sitting on the floor and doing just that! 

OK.  Blogging-wise, that may be it for me for 2013.  Vee might pop in with a post or two, but I do believe I'm now taking a little blogging break til the new year.   We have lots of plans for the blog and business that we hope to start sharing with you in the first few months of next year - more likely a few months in.  We are definitely planning on blogging more reliably though.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all, I hope you have a relaxing and peaceful time, with plenty of fun thrown in too.  See you next year!  xoxo cat

Saturday, 21 December 2013

.: open-wide :.

Don't look now, but we've done two blog posts in two days!!  Shut the front door and hold the phone. 

I'm back today to share pics of the two open-wide zip pouches I made from the genius Noodlehead tutorial - one each for my daughters' awesome teachers at school.  Both of these gorgeous ladies are crafty, so I filled one with wool from Suzy Hausfrau, and the other with fabric-y pre-cuts.  

Each pouch features our Awesomeville 'Hello Sunshine' panel, and a whole lot of other super sweet fabrics.  Bring on the photos.  They are in no particular order - just the order in which I took them and uploaded them.   

{{King of Cups fabric by the awesome Amy from PennyCandyHandmade}}

{{sew in love button card fabric by the gorgeous PamKittyMorning}}

{{are you loving the meaning behind 'three o'clock is a sweet time'?! -- since that's when school finishes ... }}

{{I used the cute Spotlight selvedge fabric inside each pouch - and here's a peek at the MillaMia wool from Suzy Hausfrau}}

OK, thanks for indulging me in the photo over-load.  I love the Noodlehead tutorial, I love the pouches, I need to make one or two for me! 

And now it's time for a wine.  Fingers crossed for three blog posts in three days ... no pressure .... Happy weekend to you all  xoxo cat  

Friday, 20 December 2013

.: ho ho ho pressies :.

You may have noticed our new blog-look - all thanks to the magic-ery of Vee.  There's more to come, once Vee has finished her graphic-design course and can carve out a little more creative time.  Did you love the awesomeness of her program design for our recent school graduation?

After a prolonged blog-absence on my part, I'm popping in to share a few pressies I've made and given recently.

First up - a fun cushion featuring the awesome Tula Pink raccoons and Melody Miller telephone - it's actually an enormous x+ block, but you can't see it too clearly in the pics. 

And next - my first ever make from Pinterest!  I pinned this fab little tutorial by Erin from Dog Under My Desk months ago, and finally sewed one up for a friend's birthday - a little circle zip pouch to hold ear-buds for the gym!  I want to make one for me too ... though I need to increase my time-spent-at-the-gym first ... 

And now a little pixelated heart mini quilt - made for a wedding pressie - a mix of fun fabrics for the heart, and sweet low volumes for the background.  And the gorgeous Violet Craft breeze print on the back. 

Ted's always lurking out of frame for pretty much every pic I take, so every now and then I make sure to snap one of him.  It's pretty hard to get him to look at the camera - the secret trick is to say "are you hungry?" - works every time. 

Last one for today - little tote bags made for my oldest daughter's two buddies.  My oldest has just finished primary school.  At the start of grade 7, they are paired up with a buddy or two from grade 1.  Ruby was her buddy right from the start, and then Isla came into the buddy-hood when her grade 7 buddy changed schools half-way through the year. 

The sweet 'Ruby Ruby Ruby' panel is by Karen of Blueberry Park - I saw it on instagram, and Karen very kindly printed one up for me to use. 

The cute Queen stamps are from Spotlight, and the zebras are a Michael Miller print, I think.

I'm hoping to share some more projects in the next few days, before taking an actual, planned blogging-break for a couple of weeks.  Hope all your Christmas plans are coming together nicely.  'til next time, cat xoxo

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Graduation Program cover for Grade 7 Farewell dinner

Well.  Our lovely Cat will be absolutely shagged this morning as she attended the Grade 7
graduation dinner last night. (I'll let her tell you more about that another time!)

She and a few other hard working mums at our school have been going the extra mile over the last month or so to organise the dinner.

The theme, concocted by our own lovely and clever Cat was Confetti.

I was lucky enough to do the programs for the dinner and extra lucky to receive 
the awesome thank you pressie below.

Thank you Cat.  

I hope you are not too exhausted this morning.  
A strong coffee or two will be the order of the day.

xxxx vee

Oh so lovely thank you present for Vee

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Well look who's joined us

Lovely BIG new 'awesomeville' fabric panels listed in our cat and vee etsy store.  
Measuring 45cm x 45cm.  Just waiting to be framed or add your own 
Pom Pom trim for a super cute cushion.

Have a lovely Thursday.


Big Hearted Girl

Pink Cockatoo

Sunny Fox

Hello Sunshine

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