Saturday 21 December 2013

.: open-wide :.

Don't look now, but we've done two blog posts in two days!!  Shut the front door and hold the phone. 

I'm back today to share pics of the two open-wide zip pouches I made from the genius Noodlehead tutorial - one each for my daughters' awesome teachers at school.  Both of these gorgeous ladies are crafty, so I filled one with wool from Suzy Hausfrau, and the other with fabric-y pre-cuts.  

Each pouch features our Awesomeville 'Hello Sunshine' panel, and a whole lot of other super sweet fabrics.  Bring on the photos.  They are in no particular order - just the order in which I took them and uploaded them.   

{{King of Cups fabric by the awesome Amy from PennyCandyHandmade}}

{{sew in love button card fabric by the gorgeous PamKittyMorning}}

{{are you loving the meaning behind 'three o'clock is a sweet time'?! -- since that's when school finishes ... }}

{{I used the cute Spotlight selvedge fabric inside each pouch - and here's a peek at the MillaMia wool from Suzy Hausfrau}}

OK, thanks for indulging me in the photo over-load.  I love the Noodlehead tutorial, I love the pouches, I need to make one or two for me! 

And now it's time for a wine.  Fingers crossed for three blog posts in three days ... no pressure .... Happy weekend to you all  xoxo cat  


  1. Looks so beautiful! Fantastic pattern and your Fabrics are adorable! x Teje

  2. Love all the fabrics, and the wool looks gorgeous. Might have to suss out the Hello Sunshine fabric, not seen that before :)

  3. Ooh just gorgeous, all the fabrics you've used are awesome together! Lucky teachers :) You'll have to make another one for the sweet pouch swap...back in the first week of Jan!! xx

  4. These are both gorgeous! So bright and cheery - and I love the fussy cutting you've added!!

  5. Just gorgeous!!! Honored to have some fabric included--thank you for the mention! Merry Christmas, ladies!!!


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