Friday, 31 August 2012

:: sewin' with the home-ies panels ::

The home-ies have landed.

The always gorgeous Finn McTrickster, Bela Hoo, Millie Mischief, Lisey Meow Meow and Pipsqueak are available now in our Etsy shop as panels.

What can you do with a home-ie panel?

They are perfect to frame, embellish with stitching and felt, or sew into a cushion or quilt.

The home-ies will brighten up your space and bring a smile to your dial.

Click across to our Etsy shop and say hello to them today!!

xoxo cat and vee

:: Millie Mischief kiss hug pompom cushion ::

The super gorgeous Millie Mischief is available now in our Etsy shop.

We love her a lot.

xoxo cat and vee

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

:: so here's what's been happening ... ::

Apart from our sewin' with the home-ies printing and sewing, Vee and I have been busy with other stuff.

My 'other stuff' has mainly involved sewing.  

Our friend Tracy and I made a sewing-machine-cover, in a sewing-class at our local quilt shop.  Mine's all done, and Tracy is coming over tomorrow to finish hers off.  I used up every last skerrick of my Madrona Road fabric, and have have now ordered more!!

{{all Madrona Road, all gorgeous ... and do you spy Ron Swanson in the background?  He's waiting for his face to be sewn together.  Lucky that Happy Zombie Monica said that Ron is patient ... }}
{{top view.  so pleased I thought to leave my sewing-machine oil in the pic ... }}
{{I just love it.  Makes me very happy}}
There have been hexies too - I'm up to 16 out of the 75 needed to make the HexyMF.  It will happen in my lifetime:

And then just today I used the very excellent Refrigerator Magnet pattern by Elizabeth Hartman from the always-awesome Oh Fransson blog, to make this 'K' ... which then became a zip pouch.  It's the first time I've used freezer-paper to piece anything together, so I was totally loving myself sick about it!! 

{{Lizzy House green and purple fabrics, and oh look, Madrona Road grey/black haystack}}
{{so happy with it! it's a pressie for someone who has been very kind to me in what has been quite an emotional and tricky week}}
{{and here's the back ... }}
{{and last pic, the inside ... and yes, I matched the inside-fabric to the photo-shoot background}}
So that's everything up-to-date sewing-wise.  We'll have more pics of our new home-ies soon.  Hope your week has been fun.    xoxo cat

:: sewin' with the home-ies ::

Vee and I got together after school last Friday and did the first print run of our new designs ... five gorgeous animals that we're calling "sewin' with the home-ies".  

We'll do another print run next week and upload some panels to the Etsy shop, and a few finished-cushions too, which we're sewing up at the moment.

The panels will look gorgeous framed or made into cushions or quilts.  They are perfect as they are, or you could grab some wool-felt and thread and stitch a few embellishments too. 

Here's a sneak peek at the designs and my first lot of cushions (so far):

{{Finn McTrickster}}
{{Bela Hoo .. and her two owly friends}}

{{Pipsqueak ... in a game of slow-chasey with a swan}}

{{Lisey Meow-Meow}}

{{Millie Mischief}}
We love these designs, which are entirely thanks to the talents of the super-clever Vee, and also the gorgeous colours.  More pics soon.      xoxo cat

Thursday, 23 August 2012

:: return to sewing ... shortly ... ::

I swear that there is sewing going on behind the scenes - and that very soon we will share some brand new screen printing designs with you.  

In the meantime, just popping in to share my very happy birthday loot from the gorgeous Vee.

{{the face on that Wonder Cat ... }}
Gorgeous brooch by the gorgeous Kirsten of EachToOwn.  Awesome limited edition Wonder Woman mascara by Mac. 

Lovely birthday lunch with some lovely friends.  I was very spoiled.  And I scored a day-light-lamp (perfect for sewing at night time) from my very-thoughtful husband, who actually went to the fabric shop and bought it by himself.  

OK.  Back soon with sewn stuff.    xoxo cat

Monday, 20 August 2012

:: me and you and a dog named Boo ::

It's BookWeek at our school this week - the school that Vee and my children attend.  

I picked up Vee's small person early this morning, and then went in to help sell some books ... books and an avalanche of novelty-erasers and random other stationery things that the kids are drawn to like a bee to honey.

This particular book caught the eye of my youngest and Vee's oldest, who are in the same grade:
{{look at that puffy 'fro ... and you can just glimpse Katy's awesome quilt underneath}}
My initial reaction was to say "no, go choose some more proper books ... and a few more of those novelty-erasers because you don't have enough".  

But they were both super keen, as were three of their little mates.  The book is now sold out and the librarian has had to order more copies.  Cha-chiiiing.  

And now, can I say, Boo is actually pretty funny, as Vee's little one showed me:

{{Boo's 'fro can't get wet, since it would ruin his cuteness factor}}
{{actual humour}} 

Never thought I'd own a book recommended by a Hilton and a Kardashian.  Bet you didn't either Vee. Surprise!!     xoxo cat

:: in the shop ... ::

A spot of shop-sewing has been going on.

Just listed, the Divine Miss Ruby zip pouch:
{{love her a lot}}
And Starbee starbee night zip pouch:

{{hangin' with his rabbity peeps}}
More shop-sewing to come.  At last.   xoxo cat

Sunday, 19 August 2012

:: breaking news of the screen-printing kind ::

Vee and I will be back to the screens later this week ... yahhh!!!

We've had five new designs burned.

Stay tuned ... we'll be posting pics as soon as we can.    xoxo cat

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

:: sew it, sister ::

A rare day of uninterrupted sewing, between school drop off and pick up.

Here's what I made:
A Union Jack!! Have been wanting to make one for ages, and I suddenly thought how awesome would Summersville (the red and blue) look with Madrona Road (the black on white text)!! Very awesome, is the answer.  This will become a cushion to keep.

Next - four wonky stars:
{more love}
Cannot tell you how much I am loving the Madrona Road grey/black crosshatch fabric.  Must order more, it just works so well with these colours.  

The star points are a mix of Prints Charming, Kate Spain, Bonnie + Camille Bliss, and I think Heather Bailey ... and that gorgeous rain-droppy fabric I picked up at Purl Soho when were were in NYC that I've never discovered the name of. 

Close-up pics:
{bee in frame from new Echino range}
{gorgeous Melody Miller Ruby Star lady}
{so love the deer wearing specs from the new Echino range}
{so gorgeous donkey by the letter-box from Madrona Road. love this line}.
That Madrona Road grey/black cross hatch is such a revelation, I love it.  Plan to order more, to be the solid for my upcoming Bloom quilt.  Just waiting on Monica Happy Zombie's gorgeous Winterkist to be released for that too.  

Not quite sure what the star blocks will be yet.  I started with the intention that they would become zip pouches for the shop.  We are waaaaay behind on our shop sewing.  But now I don't know.  Will have a think. 

Happy Ekka day off school and work to everyone in Brisbane tomorrow.  Have got my fingers crossed for a little bit more sewing.    xoxo cat


Friday, 10 August 2012

:: Ron Swanson Along - blocks 4, 5 AND 6!! ::

So today didn't quite go as planned on the sewing-front BUT I was determined to at least get all my Ron blocks sewn together - look!! 

{{oh hello top-half of Ron's head!!! I have repeatedly tried to crop out the yuk clothes-line surrounds,  but you'll just
have to focus on Ron and ignore the gutter and red pegs}}
Can't quite believe that Ron is starting to emerge.  So happy with how he's going.  Monica's pattern is awesome.

Here are some closer peeks at the latest surprises buzzing around Ron's head:
{{this is a big stretch, but we have Ron's first favourite food and Ron's 4th (I think ...) favourite food.  Bacon and shrimp.  Go with me}}
{{not Fairway Frank and some salad.  Messin' with Ron's head with the salad.  Ignore the thready bits, I was in a hurry to take the pics}}
{{aaaand now we have library books and a red man's-shirt, not a lady's shirt ... but no Tammy}}
{{finally - we have actual bacon.  the cheese, tomato and lettuce are an unnecessary addition to the meal and can be left on the plate}}
Awesome Ron, awesome.  Remember to visit Monica's flickr group for Ron to see what some super clever people are creating in honour of Ron.

Happy weekend to you.  Cold and windy in BrisVegas, perfect weather for the Ekka. 

xoxo cat

Thursday, 9 August 2012

:: this week ... ::

Suddenly it's Thursday.

It's been really hard to get into a regular sewing-groove lately.  I write nice lists of sewing-things-to-do into my diary (well, calendar, since "diary" sounds like I'm 14), but then other things pop up and walk all over the sewing lists.

I DID have a good run this afternoon, and got blocks 4, 5 AND 6 of Ron chain-pieced and ironed.  I have high sewing-hopes for tomorrow - I plan to be back here with pics of blocks 1 - 6 sewn together, with Ron half-formed.  That will be a big jump on today's Ron pic:
{{ready for ironing. I spy library books and a red shirt ... but no Tammy ... }}
In other news, a very awesome package arrived yesterday:

{{errm hello, is this what I think it is??}}
{{gaaahhh!! yes it is!!}}
{{super-gorgeous constellation quilt made by Katy from ImAGingerMonkey - link below }}
{{quilt and bag, also made by Katy, which I bought ages ago, hangin' by the pool}}
Exciting, no?  The quilt is just gorgeous, I loved it when I first saw it on Katy's blog - gorgeous fabrics, stars, binding, quilting.  Reeeeally lucky to have snapped it up.

Katy makes awesome things from awesome fabrics.  She is part of the Fat Quarterly team, and is queen of the Hexy MF (hmmmm, no hexy making going on around here for a while now ...).  Katy's blog is ImAGingerMonkey - go have a look, if you haven't already.  

Last thing.  A happy-mail-day on a much smaller scale today.  The King of the Disco arrived:
{{kickin' back against the constellation quilt - are you noticing the awesome quilting? or are your eyes locked on the
towering 'fro}}

I found the king on Amy's blog (awesome Amy, did you order yours yet?) and knew I needed one of my very own.  He is destined for the dishes, but not 'til he's danced off to an upcoming disco party, where he's needed to double as a microphone. 

OK.  Happy dancing to you.    xoxo cat 

Monday, 6 August 2012

:: T is for ... mk II ::

Back again.  Finished the zip pouches for Tessa (the netball coach) and Tina (her Mum).

Turned the sewing machine and iron off at 10 to 3 this afternoon, grabbed the pouches and my camera, and sprinted up to school.  Actually I drove.  But "sprinted" sounds a bit more dramatic.  And like I can run fast.

Then we drove straight to piano lessons, where I took these pics.  Was worried about the decent daylight having disappeared if I left it til we got home.  Like I'm a real photographer.  

{{for Tessa. not sure of what any of these fabrics are, though I do love them.  there are 9 girls in the team, so I added in the measuring tape, showing the 9.  doubt anyone will notice, but I do love a tiny detail ...}}
{{for Tina. Tufted Tweets couches, Bliss dots and a cute blue scrap I've had for ages}}
{{inside - pale blue Bliss dots for Tina, and Heather Bailey spots for Tessa}}.
On the back are two Prints Charming prints.  Forgot to take a pic though.  

No sewing tomorrow.  Vee and I are heading off to look at stationery and fabric.  And then have a coffee.   Stuff is happening behind the scenes, let me tell you.  We'll let you know soon.  Let the anticipation build ..... 

xoxo cat

Sunday, 5 August 2012

:: T is for ... ::

What a gorgeous BrisVegas weekend it's been!  We've been to netball, a party, a family walk or two, another party, church, out for coffee, and spent a little bit of time mooching around at home.   Wish there had been more mooching time, as always.  Never enough mooching.  

The netball season is at last coming to an end ... when you've only had one win and one draw, it makes for a very loooooong season.  The girls have had fun though, and celebrated with a movie night party at the coach's house last night.  So cute.  

Our coach is a very sweet girl - she is only 15 and has done a great job with her little team of first-season players.  Her Mum has helped out a lot too.  So now it's pressie time.  To throw in with the team-pressies, I'm making up a couple of zip-pouches.

So far:

{{this one is for our lovely coach ... her name starts with T ... }}

{{and this one is for our lovely coach's lovely Mum ... her name starts with T too ... }}
Will make a move on finishing the zip pouches up later in the week - before Saturday anyway, when it'll be pressie-handing-over time.  

And now?  It's wine time.   Hope your weekend was relaxing and warm.  And not too filled with driving all over BrisVegas to various sporting events like our lovely friend K .... mwah love, time for a drink, the washing can wait!!    xoxo cat

Friday, 3 August 2012

:: Ron Swanson Along - block 3 ::

And oh, within 24 hours I'm back with block 3!!

Moving onto the top right / left side of Ron's head, depending on your / his perspective, I bring you a few Parks and Recreation treasures:

{{can you see the treasures or do you need a closer look?}}
((ok here we go}}
Top to bottom, we have another 'tache for Ron, a Sherbet Pips girl scooting along in a Pawnee park, Fairway Frank himself (yes, it's Fairway Frank, indeed a possum, not a squirrel), pancakes and cream for Leslie, aaaaaaand Portland, 'cos Monica is never far from Ron's thoughts.  

And ooops, coming out for a wider shot, we have some rogue vegetables sneaking in, to mess with Ron's head.

{{vegetables, begone}}
And last pic - here's the whole top of Ron's head:

{{had to do a bit of photo-cropping to get the pyjamas out of the pic}}

OK, I'm off to cook dinner and have a pre-weekend glass of wine - awesome - happy weekend everyone, keep Ron in your thoughts.     xoxo cat

Thursday, 2 August 2012

:: Ron Swanson Along - block 2 ::

Well it's been a while between blocks ...

The fabulous Monica Happy Zombie has now posted instructions for 10 out of 12 blocks for the super awesome Ron Swanson Along.

And the fabulous Penny from Sewtakeahike has now finished her Ron.

Me?  Bam!  Here's block 2:

{{my Ron helper out by the pool}}
And here's a pic of blocks 1 and 2 together:
{{both my Ron helpers.  see their little fingers holding on together in the middle?  love them}}
As I've been sewing Block 2 today, I've been thinking it seemed way more serious and down-to-business than Block 1.  Lots of one-colour going on, for Ron's hair, covering his mighty brain.  I got to thinking of 'business-mode Ron'.  March 31st Ron.  So to lighten Ron's mood, I added in a tiny square of bacon, do you see it? 

In case you're not in the mood to squint at the screen, here's the bacon up close, in all it's quarter-inch-out-seams glory.  What's with my seam-alignment ... I swear, some unpicking is in Ron's future. 

{{it would be embarrassing to admit how excited I was to find bacon fabric, so I won't even mention it}}
Very happy to be another block down.  Hop across to Monica's Ron Swanson Along flickr pool to see more Rons in action - we're talking gorgeous colours, we're talking Ron on tour.  Not to be missed.

Here's to Block 3 tomorrow .... oh yeah, I set the bar high ... 

xoxo cat

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