Wednesday 29 August 2012

:: so here's what's been happening ... ::

Apart from our sewin' with the home-ies printing and sewing, Vee and I have been busy with other stuff.

My 'other stuff' has mainly involved sewing.  

Our friend Tracy and I made a sewing-machine-cover, in a sewing-class at our local quilt shop.  Mine's all done, and Tracy is coming over tomorrow to finish hers off.  I used up every last skerrick of my Madrona Road fabric, and have have now ordered more!!

{{all Madrona Road, all gorgeous ... and do you spy Ron Swanson in the background?  He's waiting for his face to be sewn together.  Lucky that Happy Zombie Monica said that Ron is patient ... }}
{{top view.  so pleased I thought to leave my sewing-machine oil in the pic ... }}
{{I just love it.  Makes me very happy}}
There have been hexies too - I'm up to 16 out of the 75 needed to make the HexyMF.  It will happen in my lifetime:

And then just today I used the very excellent Refrigerator Magnet pattern by Elizabeth Hartman from the always-awesome Oh Fransson blog, to make this 'K' ... which then became a zip pouch.  It's the first time I've used freezer-paper to piece anything together, so I was totally loving myself sick about it!! 

{{Lizzy House green and purple fabrics, and oh look, Madrona Road grey/black haystack}}
{{so happy with it! it's a pressie for someone who has been very kind to me in what has been quite an emotional and tricky week}}
{{and here's the back ... }}
{{and last pic, the inside ... and yes, I matched the inside-fabric to the photo-shoot background}}
So that's everything up-to-date sewing-wise.  We'll have more pics of our new home-ies soon.  Hope your week has been fun.    xoxo cat

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  1. Like your "K" zip pouch, love the colors! The idea with the letters is really great.


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