Monday 20 August 2012

:: me and you and a dog named Boo ::

It's BookWeek at our school this week - the school that Vee and my children attend.  

I picked up Vee's small person early this morning, and then went in to help sell some books ... books and an avalanche of novelty-erasers and random other stationery things that the kids are drawn to like a bee to honey.

This particular book caught the eye of my youngest and Vee's oldest, who are in the same grade:
{{look at that puffy 'fro ... and you can just glimpse Katy's awesome quilt underneath}}
My initial reaction was to say "no, go choose some more proper books ... and a few more of those novelty-erasers because you don't have enough".  

But they were both super keen, as were three of their little mates.  The book is now sold out and the librarian has had to order more copies.  Cha-chiiiing.  

And now, can I say, Boo is actually pretty funny, as Vee's little one showed me:

{{Boo's 'fro can't get wet, since it would ruin his cuteness factor}}
{{actual humour}} 

Never thought I'd own a book recommended by a Hilton and a Kardashian.  Bet you didn't either Vee. Surprise!!     xoxo cat

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