Friday 10 August 2012

:: Ron Swanson Along - blocks 4, 5 AND 6!! ::

So today didn't quite go as planned on the sewing-front BUT I was determined to at least get all my Ron blocks sewn together - look!! 

{{oh hello top-half of Ron's head!!! I have repeatedly tried to crop out the yuk clothes-line surrounds,  but you'll just
have to focus on Ron and ignore the gutter and red pegs}}
Can't quite believe that Ron is starting to emerge.  So happy with how he's going.  Monica's pattern is awesome.

Here are some closer peeks at the latest surprises buzzing around Ron's head:
{{this is a big stretch, but we have Ron's first favourite food and Ron's 4th (I think ...) favourite food.  Bacon and shrimp.  Go with me}}
{{not Fairway Frank and some salad.  Messin' with Ron's head with the salad.  Ignore the thready bits, I was in a hurry to take the pics}}
{{aaaand now we have library books and a red man's-shirt, not a lady's shirt ... but no Tammy}}
{{finally - we have actual bacon.  the cheese, tomato and lettuce are an unnecessary addition to the meal and can be left on the plate}}
Awesome Ron, awesome.  Remember to visit Monica's flickr group for Ron to see what some super clever people are creating in honour of Ron.

Happy weekend to you.  Cold and windy in BrisVegas, perfect weather for the Ekka. 

xoxo cat

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