Thursday 2 August 2012

:: Ron Swanson Along - block 2 ::

Well it's been a while between blocks ...

The fabulous Monica Happy Zombie has now posted instructions for 10 out of 12 blocks for the super awesome Ron Swanson Along.

And the fabulous Penny from Sewtakeahike has now finished her Ron.

Me?  Bam!  Here's block 2:

{{my Ron helper out by the pool}}
And here's a pic of blocks 1 and 2 together:
{{both my Ron helpers.  see their little fingers holding on together in the middle?  love them}}
As I've been sewing Block 2 today, I've been thinking it seemed way more serious and down-to-business than Block 1.  Lots of one-colour going on, for Ron's hair, covering his mighty brain.  I got to thinking of 'business-mode Ron'.  March 31st Ron.  So to lighten Ron's mood, I added in a tiny square of bacon, do you see it? 

In case you're not in the mood to squint at the screen, here's the bacon up close, in all it's quarter-inch-out-seams glory.  What's with my seam-alignment ... I swear, some unpicking is in Ron's future. 

{{it would be embarrassing to admit how excited I was to find bacon fabric, so I won't even mention it}}
Very happy to be another block down.  Hop across to Monica's Ron Swanson Along flickr pool to see more Rons in action - we're talking gorgeous colours, we're talking Ron on tour.  Not to be missed.

Here's to Block 3 tomorrow .... oh yeah, I set the bar high ... 

xoxo cat


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    1. thanks Amy! There's one more bacon square to come ... if only there were more! Catx


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