Thursday, 31 May 2012

:: the best kind of mail ::

OK so the dodgy night-time-no-flash pics don't do it justice, but look at what arrived in the mail today:

{left to right - 'crayon color chart', 'washi tape (sewing)' and 'staxx'}

Oho yep.  A Spoonflower envelope with some pennycandy fabric awesomeness - go Amy!

Let's take a closer look at those 'staxx' bookshelves:
{oh eeek. a tiny framed dog-photo.  and a 'love' bookend. and a tiny globe. and ... }

And ahhm yes, I am also loving 'washi-tape (sewing)' - the safety-pins in particular:

There will be sewing.    xoxo cat

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

:: sometimes ... ::

Sometimes, the week goes a little pear-shaped and it's only Tuesday morning.

THIS time, it was all due to some action at the vet with Ted:
{taken with my latest favourite thing - instagram}
Vee and I got back on track today, with some more singsongs screen printing - a couple of different song colours will hit the shop by the end of the week.

Have been playing around with more of our singsongs words, mixing it in with the gorgeous Summersville fabric, and some Aunty Cookie:

{ooh, instagram again}
And this wee cushion went to a wee Irish friend:

{oh snap. instagram}

Here's to the week getting bigger and better in the run up to the weekend, yah!   xoxo cat

Friday, 25 May 2012

:: Summersville ::

Making a start on some cushions for home, using Lucie Summers' gorgeous Summersville range for Moda.   Love it.  A lot.

Have framed 7 favourite prints in white, and am now slowly adding borders.  One down ... :

Happy weekend - fingers crossed for rain in Brisbane, since it's good weather for sewing ...   xoxo cat

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

:: two quilts ... ::

In the interests of creating a bit of pressure to actually FINISH a quilt each for my children, I thought I'd post a couple of pics of where I'm up to ... two (only TWO!!) finished blocks each, and a few almost-finished blocks.  Not good.  At all. 

The first is to be purple and green, with a little bit of light blue.  Here's what I've done so far:

We're going with a randomly-sized log cabin design, which I figure I can square up later with a few solids.  Two finished blocks, and three started-blocks.  Not much light blue in evidence, though I see a bit of red and pink have crept in.  Very heavy on the Heather Ross designs I'm noticing too, and Lizzy House. 

OK and here's the second - it's to be light blue and yellow, with a little bit of red:

Each block in this one is to be a house - two finished so far - on the left and right.  And two kind-of-started-blocks.  There is to be an Alexander Henry little round-the-world person inside each house, so at least that's working so far.  And there's definitely a lot of yellow and red in evidence.  I need to bump up the light blue.   

So. A bit of work to be done.  Hopefully they'll be finished before anyone graduates high school and leaves home.

 xoxo cat

Sunday, 20 May 2012

: aunty cookie's ms bubbly :

Yep! That's me. Ms Bubbly!  
I LOVE this illustration by aunty cookie
A gift to 'moi' from my kind friend Cat.

Cat, you will note too that I have repurposed one of my kitchen frames
and highlighted 'moi' with your New York fabric purchase.

Happy Sunday Cat and Aunty Cookie and thank you to you both xoxo vee

Saturday, 19 May 2012

:: keep the paparazzi guessing ::

The paparazzi have tracked you down to your kitchen, where you are the shining star of your own kitchen dramas.  Just listed in our Etsy shop - our Shining Star potholder.

:: make sure they capture your best angle ::

:: just one more song? well ok then ... ::
Do you recognise the words - we cut up one of our singsongs teatowels to see what would happen.  Next minute, tiny paparazzi are swarming the building.  Who knew?

:: give yourself permission to shine .... hang on, that's another whole song ... ::

Happy weekend    xoxo cat 

Friday, 18 May 2012

:: do the fandango ::

Just listed in our Etsy shop, our 'do the fandango' cushion!!

It's a biggie, about 58 cm square.  We've listed it as a complete cushion, with its own (made by us) filled insert, so it's only available to Australian buyers.

Snap it up for your lounge, so you can sing along as you sip wine and flick through a few mags.

xoxo cat and vee

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

:: scaramouche cushion-front ... in progress ::

Vee and I are playing around with our singsongs designs - this one will end up a Scaramouche cushion cover, in our shop.

Cute, huh.

We've made a border from some of our very favourite fabrics - for any fabricaholics (anyone?), we'll provide a complete list of the fabrics in our Etsy listing.  Or as complete as we can make it.  Soon.

Can I just point out though, that SOME of the fabrics were purchased IN PERSON from Purl Soho in New York last month?  Oh I'm excited.  

Do you all spy the queen?   And do you get why I'm pointing out the queen?  Leave it with you.

 xoxo cat

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

:: sing a song ::

We picked up our new wrap-a-round labels from our local print shop today - how snug (but ready to burst into song) do our singsongs teatowels look?   Better grab some now.

xoxo cat

Monday, 14 May 2012

:: facebook? ::

Vee and I are not particularly techno-able.  Since we started our blog, we have been on a constant learning curve.  Very steep.  Lots of stopping to look around and take in the view from various plateaus.  Lots of stopping.

But look out look out - we have set up a facebook page! - very soon, we will link it directly to our blog.  Oh the excitement.  Oh the realisation that we have GOT to get better and taking pics and posting them.

So, come on then, join us as we stumble through the whole new world of facebook - who knew it existed!! ... gosh ... thanks Mark Zuckerberg (that's his name isn't it, I've seen The Social Network) ...

You make us feel like dancing    xoxo cat

ps wait til we ask you to start 'liking' us, oh yeah, the time will come

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

:: fabric obsession ::

I'm really not sure what it is about fabric, but good grief we love it.

My idea in posting tonight was to ask you to please pop over to lovely Amy's blog, to check out her very kind words and gorgeous pics of our cushion and potholder, now that they have settled in nicely to her home in Seattle - yah!!  So please, head on over ...

We met Amy through her designs on Spoonflower - in particular her mixtapes (80s) fabric, which we could use endlessly - that's a tiny piece of it there, next to the cowboy.

So. Speaking of fabric.  I thought I'd nip back over to Spoonflower and see what Amy's been up to lately. 'cos if there's one thing Vee and I need more of, it's fabric ... just ask our husbands ... go on, they'll agree with us ... 

You really need to head to Amy's pennycandy Spoonflower shop, whether fabric is your thing or not.  She is so talented, I love all her designs.  And a couple of things did sneak into my shopping cart and make it through the checkout ...  

 .... so as a sneak peek, look out in future sewing projects for Amy's staxx fabric.  Can't even believe how much I love it.

staxx fabric by penny candy on Spoonflower - click the link above to go straight there!
Isn't it great?!  see you   xoxo cat

Thursday, 3 May 2012

:: get some singsong and dancing into your day ::

 Vee and I are "loving ourselves sick" over our new Singsongs teatowel range, oh yes we are.

We have five designs that are bound to get you singing and shimmying around the kitchen.  We've printed them in a mix of colours, and onto a white linen/cotton blend teatowel and two different 'oatmeal' shades of 100% linen.   All totally gorgeous and fun.

Vee is our regular photo stylist and photographer, since she is so awesome at it (check out the product pics in our Etsy shop!) but as she is kicking up her heels in Sydney for the weekend, I promised I would try and do them justice for the blog post ...

... excellent idea ... 

...... cue frenzied running round the house looking for 'props' and then high-fiving myself (in my head, not actually, since that'd be a bit sad) for thinking to hang the teatowels on the wall with washi-tape ... :

Here we go:

are you feeling the Rick Astley love in the room? and yes, that is Hagrid from Harry Potter.  he's never going to desert you either, is he now.  
can you hear Leo?  so wish we had a disco ball in the house ... had to settle for this random green rabbit instead  ... surely rabbits dance too ... 

OK, so picture the tiny robots in fluro Go-Go shirts and saying 'jitterbug' at regular intervals

are you feeling the NYC love?  and are you loving that tiny NYC cityscape - bought it at Muji in Soho last month - 'cos I was there
oh Freddie, YES we can do the fandango

Oh by now, I SO hope you have at least one of these songs in your head and find yourself singing it quietly - or loudly - for the rest of the day.

Pop on over to our Etsy shop and check out our listings.

xoxo cat

:: Pip's pillow ::

Pip's pillow by cat&vee
Pip's pillow, a photo by cat&vee on Flickr.

A pillow (or as we say, a cushion!) made for Pip, using gorgeous Sherbet Pips and Bliss.

Back soon with some Singsongs teatowel pics!


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

:: singsong teatowels are go ::

A very quick post to say our Singsongs teatowels are now available in our Etsy shop - pop on over and have a look - we bet you'll be singing along too.

We'll blog with pics tomorrow.    xoxo

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Scaramouche Scaramouche Can you do the Fandango!

Hey Kitchen Karaoke Funk-stars!   A sneak peak........

DO we have the PERFECT set of Tea Towels for you.  

'Singsongs' by cat&vee will get you 'moving and shaking'......and that's not just the dishes!

Five Fab designs inspired by the 80's dags that we are!!

These will be available in our etsy store in the next few days.

....never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you!..........

xxxx cat&vee

p.s .... a note to the lovely Meredith.   We dedicate these tea towels to YOU.  You have inspired me
to study graphic design (even though I am the MOST technologically challenged person that you have  EVER met!)  I have just finished my Typography subject. We will send you a set!  xoxo vee

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