Tuesday 22 May 2012

:: two quilts ... ::

In the interests of creating a bit of pressure to actually FINISH a quilt each for my children, I thought I'd post a couple of pics of where I'm up to ... two (only TWO!!) finished blocks each, and a few almost-finished blocks.  Not good.  At all. 

The first is to be purple and green, with a little bit of light blue.  Here's what I've done so far:

We're going with a randomly-sized log cabin design, which I figure I can square up later with a few solids.  Two finished blocks, and three started-blocks.  Not much light blue in evidence, though I see a bit of red and pink have crept in.  Very heavy on the Heather Ross designs I'm noticing too, and Lizzy House. 

OK and here's the second - it's to be light blue and yellow, with a little bit of red:

Each block in this one is to be a house - two finished so far - on the left and right.  And two kind-of-started-blocks.  There is to be an Alexander Henry little round-the-world person inside each house, so at least that's working so far.  And there's definitely a lot of yellow and red in evidence.  I need to bump up the light blue.   

So. A bit of work to be done.  Hopefully they'll be finished before anyone graduates high school and leaves home.

 xoxo cat


  1. Oh so cute. Will be lovely graduation presents to keep them warm at Uni. he he xxx vee (not anon!!)

    1. slow going, aiming for primary-school graduation, so should definitely make high-school. x

  2. oh, they are lovely darling. first for number one child and second for number two??

    1. oh lovely comment lovely Kate. Yes - purple / green for the debater, and blue / yellow for the friend of your sweet note-writer. No progress since photos. x


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