Monday 14 May 2012

:: facebook? ::

Vee and I are not particularly techno-able.  Since we started our blog, we have been on a constant learning curve.  Very steep.  Lots of stopping to look around and take in the view from various plateaus.  Lots of stopping.

But look out look out - we have set up a facebook page! - very soon, we will link it directly to our blog.  Oh the excitement.  Oh the realisation that we have GOT to get better and taking pics and posting them.

So, come on then, join us as we stumble through the whole new world of facebook - who knew it existed!! ... gosh ... thanks Mark Zuckerberg (that's his name isn't it, I've seen The Social Network) ...

You make us feel like dancing    xoxo cat

ps wait til we ask you to start 'liking' us, oh yeah, the time will come

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