Sunday 5 August 2012

:: T is for ... ::

What a gorgeous BrisVegas weekend it's been!  We've been to netball, a party, a family walk or two, another party, church, out for coffee, and spent a little bit of time mooching around at home.   Wish there had been more mooching time, as always.  Never enough mooching.  

The netball season is at last coming to an end ... when you've only had one win and one draw, it makes for a very loooooong season.  The girls have had fun though, and celebrated with a movie night party at the coach's house last night.  So cute.  

Our coach is a very sweet girl - she is only 15 and has done a great job with her little team of first-season players.  Her Mum has helped out a lot too.  So now it's pressie time.  To throw in with the team-pressies, I'm making up a couple of zip-pouches.

So far:

{{this one is for our lovely coach ... her name starts with T ... }}

{{and this one is for our lovely coach's lovely Mum ... her name starts with T too ... }}
Will make a move on finishing the zip pouches up later in the week - before Saturday anyway, when it'll be pressie-handing-over time.  

And now?  It's wine time.   Hope your weekend was relaxing and warm.  And not too filled with driving all over BrisVegas to various sporting events like our lovely friend K .... mwah love, time for a drink, the washing can wait!!    xoxo cat


  1. OH love, thanks for the support. came to work, switched on the computer and saw your lovely sewing to make my morning. BTW did you notice the healthy eating in the B house on Sunday thanks to G's instagram - yes, BLTs and pizza, oh, and icecream too! mother of the year... again

  2. hello love, emailed you back today xx


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