Thursday 9 August 2012

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Suddenly it's Thursday.

It's been really hard to get into a regular sewing-groove lately.  I write nice lists of sewing-things-to-do into my diary (well, calendar, since "diary" sounds like I'm 14), but then other things pop up and walk all over the sewing lists.

I DID have a good run this afternoon, and got blocks 4, 5 AND 6 of Ron chain-pieced and ironed.  I have high sewing-hopes for tomorrow - I plan to be back here with pics of blocks 1 - 6 sewn together, with Ron half-formed.  That will be a big jump on today's Ron pic:
{{ready for ironing. I spy library books and a red shirt ... but no Tammy ... }}
In other news, a very awesome package arrived yesterday:

{{errm hello, is this what I think it is??}}
{{gaaahhh!! yes it is!!}}
{{super-gorgeous constellation quilt made by Katy from ImAGingerMonkey - link below }}
{{quilt and bag, also made by Katy, which I bought ages ago, hangin' by the pool}}
Exciting, no?  The quilt is just gorgeous, I loved it when I first saw it on Katy's blog - gorgeous fabrics, stars, binding, quilting.  Reeeeally lucky to have snapped it up.

Katy makes awesome things from awesome fabrics.  She is part of the Fat Quarterly team, and is queen of the Hexy MF (hmmmm, no hexy making going on around here for a while now ...).  Katy's blog is ImAGingerMonkey - go have a look, if you haven't already.  

Last thing.  A happy-mail-day on a much smaller scale today.  The King of the Disco arrived:
{{kickin' back against the constellation quilt - are you noticing the awesome quilting? or are your eyes locked on the
towering 'fro}}

I found the king on Amy's blog (awesome Amy, did you order yours yet?) and knew I needed one of my very own.  He is destined for the dishes, but not 'til he's danced off to an upcoming disco party, where he's needed to double as a microphone. 

OK.  Happy dancing to you.    xoxo cat 

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