Sunday 22 December 2013

.: a play-mat quilt and a bye for 2013! :.

Three blog posts in three days, can you feel the high-five breeze from where you are? 

Today I'm sharing pics of a play-mat quilt I made for a friend's new baby grand-daughter (whose name, yes, starts with 'L'!).

I started off just with the pink 'L' and low-volume background - thinking maybe I'd make a table-mat or a cushion. 

But then I just kept cutting and adding borders.  The Lizzy House hedgehogs!  The Tula Pink squirrels!

I forgot to measure it before gifting it, but I think it's about 40-ish inches square, maybe a little smaller.

Here's the back - Bliss, Violet Craft's gorgeous elephants, a sweet Sarah Jane print, Sandi Henderson's ginger blossoms and a Flea Market Fancy reprint. 

I quilted it in wavy lines - I like to say 'organic lines' - but really, it just means I couldn't be bothered to sew straight lines! 

I love the owls and the Laurie Wisbrun giraffes!

The PamKittyMorning button cards are a big favourite of mine, and I did take a deep breath before using a whole row of them!

Here's a close up of the Sarah Jane print - children hiding and playing in all sorts of cubby houses - so sweet.

There's lots of little things for L and her grandmother to find in this quilt, so I hope they spend lots of hours in the years to come, sitting on the floor and doing just that! 

OK.  Blogging-wise, that may be it for me for 2013.  Vee might pop in with a post or two, but I do believe I'm now taking a little blogging break til the new year.   We have lots of plans for the blog and business that we hope to start sharing with you in the first few months of next year - more likely a few months in.  We are definitely planning on blogging more reliably though.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all, I hope you have a relaxing and peaceful time, with plenty of fun thrown in too.  See you next year!  xoxo cat


  1. So many gorgeous fabrics, and bravo for cutting into the button cards, your brave ;)

  2. I think you rocked those button cards more than anyone I know!!i am always inspired when I see what youre making. see you soon. xo

  3. Another stunner! I love how you use colour in all your projects. It makes me feel happy :)


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